Firmware Update 1.09

The Behringer WING console 1.09 firmware update offers some functional improvements and new features. The highlights of this update are the new Midas Sub Monster Effect and new assignment screens for DCAs and Mute Group. Besides a new Tab-View, the routing screens provide new features like indication of all connected AES50 and StageCONNECT devices. This update also offers some UI improvements like pre-fader tap point indication on the channel home screen or metering for the WING Live Recorder/Player and some general Bug fixes.


  • Quick channel select from touchscreen (touch the channel number in the upper left corner)
  • Pre-fader tap indication and setup on channel home screen
  • Midas Sub Monster Effect
  • Optional channel metering for WING Live Recorder/Player
  • Indication of connected AES50 and StageCONNECT devices (ROUTING)
  • Enable DCAs to control monitor levels (rename DCA to ‘MON A’, ‘MON B’, or ‘MON LVL’ (both))
  • Advanced Source-Scope for channel presets
  • Tab-View for customization, naming and tags
  • Delay for 48V switch (hold for on/off)
  • New DCA/Mute Group assignment screen (touch assignment overview)
  • Option to disable jogwheel during DAW playback

Bug Fixes

  • New StageCONNECT configuration (ROUTING)
  • Indication of available USB Streams (ROUTING)
  • Fixed issue with fader recall in SoF Mode
  • Fixed low frequency distortion with SOUL 9000 Gate and EVEN 88 GATE
  • Fixed routing enable switch
  • Immediate loading of correct USB Audio configuration after booting console
  • Reordering of WING Live Sessions (newest on top)