Firmware Update 1.11

The Behringer WING console 1.11 firmware update offers some functional improvements and new features. Besides new effects and new talk, solo, and listen functions, this update also provides the option to send Midi-CC from custom controls and fader banks.

New Effects


  • Option to send MIDI CC with custom controls and faders
  • Show gain reduction on monitor limiter meter
  • Global Main/Alt overview + auto switch page
    Global Main/Alt overview page
  • Option to send channel to both SOLO buses in live mode
  • Source-Solo: preview a source on a special channel
  • Talkback improvements
    • Talkback indication (frame on selected channel and during talk)
    • Automatically open talk destination page when pressing SOLO on talk channel
    • New TALK TAGSs to allow soloing or unmuting channels during talk
      Talkback tags on a channel
    • Auto-Customization for Listen- and TB-Channel
      Automatically customized talkback channel
  • Support for future Waves Soundgrid Module
  • Buses removed from SIP logic

Bug Fixes

  • Pitch correction fix could lead to fx processor reinitialization
  • IP fragmentation fix for long OSC packets
  • Fix for very rare USB audio startup issues