Firmware Update 1.10

The Behringer WING console 1.10 firmware update offers some functional improvements and new features. The most significant implementation of this update is WebSocket support for remote communication. This update also offers a new sync option for channel and source customization, visual indication options for Sends on Faders as well as individual bus/main talkback send levels.


  • WebSocket support for remote communication to WING Copilot and WING Q App
  • Option to indicate Sends-on-Fader mode on button or main display
  • Fully symmetrical OSC subscription mode (for Palladium users)
  • Sync option for channel/source customization (uses active source)
  • Fader start GPIO output option
  • Option to show monitor level on main level meter
  • Indication of active/passive FX processors on FX overview page
  • Channel color LED switched off when no source is selected
  • Option to enable individual bus/main talkback send levels (levels can be set on the talkback channel’s send page)
  • Highlighting of assigned Input/Output channels on routing pages (when touching device icons in AES50 device view)

Bug Fixes

  • Mute override function now also working on touch screen
  • Indication of monitor level on meters when controlled with DCA
  • Faders fully disabled when console is locked (including remote fadermovements now)

Version 1.10.1

Behringer released a bug fix update on 21. December 2020.

  • Fix for SD-Cards not stopping recording
  • Fix for console crash when loading specific Snapshots with unassigned faders