Firmware Update 1.08 “Summer-Update”

The Behringer WING console 1.08 firmware update offers some functional improvements and new features. The highlight of this update are some new FX’s including the long-awaited Multiband-Compressor. Beside OSC and MIDI-Sysex Control Firmware 1.08 offers a new SETUP-Option for Mute-Override and many other improvements.


  • New FX:
  • OSC Support (Port 2223) [PDF]
  • MIDI SysEx control
  • SETUP-Option for Mute-Override (Channels muted by MGRP, DCA or SIP can temporarily be unmuted)
  • Support for upcoming Wing-Dante Expansion-Card
  • Metering page can be shown when console is locked (option)
  • PFL DIM control (reduces solo level when using PFL solo)
  • Shortcut to audio and clock setup pages when touching the respective areas in the top status bar
  • Option to use GPIOs as momentary switch outputs

Bug Fixes

  • COPY/INIT toolbox preselect
  • Bus-to-Bus and Bus-to-MTX pre switch and pre mute (fixed)
  • Pressing SELECT-Button on channel overview screen shows corresponding channel bank
  • HUI metering fixed (for Adobe Audition)
  • General bug fixes

Version 1.08.1

  • Ignore sporadic MIDI messages from Mac OS Catalina during startup

Additional Files

A PDF with documentation for OSC was included with the update.