Firmware Update 1.12

The Behringer WING console 1.12 firmware update offers some functional improvements, new effects and new features.

NOTE: the changes in this firmware are supported with WING CoPilot mobile app version 1.9. The version displayed in the WING settings is 1.12.4.

New Processing/Effects

  • All aux channels now using input channel EQ
  • All aux channels feature new combo dynamics (expander/leveler)
    New aux channel combo dynamics
  • New channel dynamics plugin PIA2250
  • New channel dynamics plugin LTA100 tube leveler
  • MIX control added to WARMTH plugin
  • New FX selection sub page featuring all the channel effects
  • Five new FX plugin Channel Strips: Even, Soul, Vintage, Bus, Mastering


  • Channel delay (input channels, post processing) increased to 500ms/150mtrs for AV applications
  • Increased drive range for warmth plugin
  • Improved indication of pre/post send taps
  • Channel pan/width now post tap (8) to make send tap selection more consistent
  • Additional info message when using post fader send tap
  • Improved channel strip overview (including fader position/level)
  • Source edit auto select improved when source solo is active
  • Touch panel test with logfile
  • Activate source solo with SOLO button in source solo channel
  • Allow screenshots of popover pages (CLR_SOLO closes page on release)
  • Routing pages swapped to improve workflow for new users
  • Configurable main link (off, 1/2, 1-3, 1-4)
  • Autocorrect file/directory names that could lead to problems with some operating systems
  • Help when setting DCA names (to control monitor levels)
  • Bus/Main/Matrix EQ with speaker processor crossover filter types on lo/hi band
  • Monitor source mix (add source signal to solo signal)
  • EQ band solo trim preference for monitoring
  • StageConnect indicator now also showing bus error state (off/green/red)
  • Support for alternative DAC for aux outputs added

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed VPH icon not updated correctly
  • Cleanup source solo routing entries on routing page
  • Fixed mute override when in sends on fader mode
  • Fixed pitch correction fx issue, note on/off switches now correctly stored