Firmware Update 1.07 “DAW-Control”

The Behringer WING console 1.07 firmware update offers many functional improvements and new features. The highlight of this Update is DAW remote control using the Mackie MCU/HUI protocol. Details on functionality and the setup in different DAWs can be found in a dedicated documentation. Beside many other improvements this update offers a wide range of features, like general MIDI-Support, 16 DCAs, improved functionality in the Custom Control Section and ALT-Source indication on the channel LCDs.


  • DAW remote control (MCU/HUI), up to 24 faders via USB
  • General MIDI-Support
  • Sidechain option for dynamic EQ (without sidechain filter) and dynamic plug-ins in gate slot
  • New SETUP pages
  • WING-Live transport buttons and user controls
  • Jog-Wheel support for the USB player
  • Automatic TAG rename option for MUTE groups and DCAs
  • ALT-Source indication on channel LCDs
  • Source indication option on channel LCDs
  • Option to enable/disable touch select on channel edit section
  • Option to AUTO-Select channel by fader move
  • 16 DCAs
  • Configurable Source and Tap-Point for the Main Level Meter (next to the display)
  • Audio MUTE and Phantom OFF when using the shutdown function
  • Screenshot-Function (To use it, insert a USB stick containing a folder called “screens” or create the folder in the LIBRARY/USB section if required. Holding CLR SOLO and pressing UTILITY creates bmp-Files in the respective folder)

Bug Fixes

  • Automix = OFF doesn't MUTE audio anymore
  • IP stack fixed for gateway usage

Version 1.07.1:

  • Automatic initialization of DCAs 9-16

Version 1.07.2:

  • Ignore invalid CC-Messages to improve stability

Additional Files