Firmware Update 1.03 "Co-Pilot”

The Behringer WING console 1.03 firmware update brings a considerable range of new features and improvements, including new FX, stereo or 4-track recording and playback on USB sticks, as well as support for the WING Copilot app.

New Features

  • TC Electronic VSS3 Reverb, from award-winning System 6000, with new Preset-Function – the true Stereo Source Reverb behind thousands of movie and audio productions
  • Stereo/4-Channel 24-Bit Recorder/Player for all FAT32 formatted USB sticks
  • Channel alignment delay increased to max. 8 m (23.3 ms)
  • WING Copilot app and Mixingstation app support, incl. UDP metering and console discovery
  • New FX mix control (dry/wet)
  • Filter adjustment range increased, LC up to 2 kHz, HC down to 50 Hz
  • SD Recording with 64-Channel sample synchronous link for WING LIVE
  • MUTE GROUP assignments via surface (hold MUTE GROUPS and one of the 8 MUTE buttons, while selecting channels) MUTE buttons flash when respective mute group is active
  • Console Init with scope selection
  • EQ bandwidth parameter changed to Q
  • TREMOLO auto gain correction
  • Option to copy the FX name to its channel/bus
  • EXT FX bypass time alignment and send trim
  • Suboctaver FX Mix control added
  • MIDAS I/O Box support (DL251, DL15x, DL231)
  • TAP function on custom controls (UTILITY button on custom controls page allows to adjust flashing behavior)
  • 4 GPIO ports can be configured on the custom controls page, offering outputs or inputs for many different parameters
  • Startup-screen shows update status of fader boards, card, etc.
  • Fader speeds can be selected for Fast/Medium/Slow (UTILITY on fader assign page)
  • Solo-In-Place extended to buses
  • Snapshot scopes enhanced
  • Pure JSON for all snapshot-parameters

Bug Fixes

  • Improved error handling with unsupported USB FS
  • FX VSS3 editing UI glitch fixed
  • Custom Controls LED backlight glitch fixed