Firmware Update 1.01

The Behringer WING console 1.00 firmware update includes UI for serveral effects, as well as serveral bug fixes.


  • USB drive for Library functions, storing and loading snapshots
  • New Effects GUI Voice Doubler, MoodFilter, Tape Machine, guitar amps MusicHall, Jazz Clean, Rock Amp Angel, US Combo Amp Deluxe
  • Subdirectory support for library (snapshots and presets)
  • Channel/fx/routing library scores are now recalled/saved
  • Several GUI issues fixed, GUI enhancements
  • Front panel usb support for library operations, (only remove USB drive when led is off!)
  • UTILITY button also opens tools when available (e.g. channel copy)
  • Toolbox refined (using library scopes)
  • Channel edit section parameter selection issues fixed
  • Solo-in-place muting issue fixed
  • 0 dB position snap for GEQ
  • RTA on channel home page (independent settings from EQ page)