Graphic EQs have been around for a long time. They have commonly been used to reduce feedback and resonances in a room. Most modern room acoustic tuning systems use parametric EQs for this use-case, as their bands can be smaller and more precise. The WING also includes eight parametric EQ bands on each bus master, matrix, and main, which can be a good alternative. If you still want to use a graphic EQ, this one improves over the old analog models with a "true curve" mode, which has also been available on Behringer's last console, the X32 (where it was called "TruEQ"). This "true curve" mode reduces the artifacts produced by adjacent bands. The regular channel strip EQ has always shown an RTA and with firmware version 1.06, the graphic EQ also gained an RTA that's displayed beneath the main settings.

Screenshot of GRAPHIC EQ effect