Using a Behringer P16-M over Ultranet

While the WING doesn't have an Ultranet routing menu as the X32 did, it can still output Ultranet via stage boxes. The WING itself doesn't have an Ultranet port, but in most cases, you're going to connect the P16-M or P16-D to your stage box instead of directly to the mixer. Supported stage boxes receive the 16 Ultranet channels over AES50 on channels 33 to 48. Use the outputs tab in the routing menu and select AES50 A/B/C (depending on your setup) to choose which sources you want to send to the P16-Ms.

Use AES50 outputs 33 through 48 to output to Ultranet.

If you want to send channels post-EQ, use user sources and set the individual channel's "tap" to the post-EQ position.

All Ultranet capable stage boxes should work this way.

  • Behringer SD8
  • Behringer S16
  • Behringer SD16
  • Behringer S32
  • Midas DL16
  • Midas DL32