How to install a firmware update on Behringer WING

There are two methods to install a firmware update for Behringer WING. The easiest is via USB-Stick, but it's also possible to transfer the firmware from a connected computer.

With a USB-Stick

The console has to be on firmware version 1.06 or higher, for this update method to work. If your console runs version 1.05 or earlier, use the alternative method.

  1. Download the firmware update from and store it on a FAT formatted USB stick
  2. Connect the USB stick to the top panel USB port of WING
  3. Open the SETUP page and tap on the Console Update icon near the bottom right corner of the display
  4. A file browser will appear on the screen, and you can navigate to where the firmware update is located
  5. Select the correct firmware update file and tap on UPDATE
  6. After installing the update is completed, you will be prompted to reboot the console
  7. The console can be rebooted by power cycling, or by selecting SETUP/SHUTDOWN and holding the SETUP button while pressing the HOME button.
  8. Verify the update was successful by comparing the firmware version number in the bottom right corner of the Setup screen

With a connected computer

  1. Connect a USB cable to the rear panel USB port and to your computer.
  2. Either hold the blank button on the main display during power-up or open the SETUP/GLOBAL Edit page in order to enable OS ACCESS.
  3. A drive icon will appear on your computer, like connecting a flash drive or external hard drive. Double click the drive to open.
  4. Extract the firmware zip file and drag/copy the new firmware file into the WING OS drive.
  5. After copying is completed, please eject the WING OS drive from your PC.
  6. WING should reboot automatically a few seconds after ejecting the drive. If it doesn’t, please power cycle the console, and verify the correct firmware version on the lower right corner of the SETUP screen.