EQ Filter

A unique feature of the Behringer WING EQs is an additional "filter" available on all EQs. It adds an additional layer of flexibility on top of the regular parametric bands. The filter menu also provides access to the low cut and high cut controls, which are unrelated to this feature.

Tilt EQ

The default option "tilts" the EQ to the highs or lows. Depending on the situation, this can be an alternative to a low or high shelf. Behringer briefly mentions this filter while discussing EQ and dynamics processors of the WING.

Tilt EQ engaged


This filter is probably modeled after BBE Sound's Sonic Maximizers. If that's the case, the maximizer adjusts phase relationships between frequencies and adds a high and low boost to the signal.

Maxer engaged

AP 90 and AP 180

An all-pass filter with either 90° or 180°. All-pass filters are mostly used in system tuning. Nathan Lively made a video about phase and all-pass filters.

AP90 engaged